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And everything I have I sell and buy it right away, buy it immediately. I have to be in the best state of mind and condition to enter the personal space with the dream to become an entrepreneur that can stand on their feet. The next chapter in the story of French 3D animated cinema, the Film 3D industry. The digital revolution and the new multimedia formats have pushed animation into this world of full-motion entertainment to meet the expectations of younger audiences. A Facebook page "Le meilleur film 3D français de" Onepassionately slandered me and my colleagues as a dirty trick. While the current business model for making 3D films seems to be a more streamlined and economical one, the extraordinary financial potential (from 40% to 60% of the total ticket price) for the ambitious and -very-sure filmmaker could be one of the keys to acquire complete profitability of 3D at the box office. The demand for 3D in the cinema is strong. Film3D Reels More than 30 years ago, pioneering to create 3D animated films, we created the first French 3D animation ever. After a little more than three years of research, and in the midst of the first small wave of 3D animation film from all over the world, our studio was born. Since then, our productions have played in many film festivals, including the Cannes, the Venice and the Sitges. Our first short, The Rabbit Who Wanted To Learn to Fly, won the San Diego International Film Festival "Best Animated Short" in Our staff has been notably invited by the Unesco to the Visual Arts Department of the UNESCO in Paris for a workshop on French 3D film. Cinéma 3D Deux Paroles I cannot accept that the youngest generation, that grew up with mobile phones, can no longer be kept out of these visual worlds of film and computer games. French 3D films have the potential to push more into this fascinating world, thus bringing new dimensions to television. The 3D film has a longer range and a wider audience than the 2D film, and the convergence between live action and animated 3D is a challenge to produce an effective mixing of 3D and 2D. Cinema 3D the box office is one of the most profitable cinema industries of France. A Facebook page "Le meilleur film 3D français de" Onepassionately slandered me and my colleagues as a dirty



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